Thursday, 6 October 2016

अपनी दुकान पर लगवाये एएसआर फिन्कॉर्प सर्विस की पोस मशीन और बने डिजिटल भारत अभियान में भागीदार 

हमारे प्रधानमंत्री जी की सार्थक पहल "कैशलेस इकॉनोमी" को सफल बनाने में अपना योगदान दें I

Memo Code : PAYTIVO 571

Best Buy Rs. 7100 INR


  • Fully touch screen device. 

  • Attach with any Bank.

  • No any monthly rental. 

  • Up to Rs. 2000 payment withdrawal facility from Debit card.

  • GPRS/LAN & WiFi Connectivity .

  • Light wait device 

  • 24 hours battery back up.

  • Lowest transaction charges .

  • Suitable for every merchant (Tea Stall, Vegetable Shop, Kirana Store, Mobile Shop, Electrical & Electronics Shop, Restaurant & Hotel, Hospital, Branded store, Petrol Pumps, LPG Store, Prepaid Taxi etc.)

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Electric shock for Self Defense  for Ladies

Memo Code : AES 19

Best Buy Rs. 1999 INR


Bio metric attendance  
Memo Code : BMA912

Best Buy Rs. 9999 to 29999 INR

Bank note counting Machine

Memo Code : SD319

Best Buy Rs. 5799 to 6999 INR

Bank Note Velue Counting Machine

Memo Code : VCM331

Best Buy Rs. 19999 INR

Open Microwave Cooker 

Memo Code : OO139

Best Buy Rs. 3420 INR

GAS Safety Device  

Memo Code : SQ331

Best Buy Rs. 1735 INR

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